The 5 Essential Must-Haves for Your Move This Summer

Moving Tips

June 1st, 2020

Summer is upon us and millions of Americans will be packing up houses and apartments and making a move. Whether you are downsizing, purchasing your first house, moving out on your own for the first time, or you finally found your dream home, there are a few things to make sure you have to make your move the easiest and less stressful as possible. We have listed the 5 must-have essentials for your move. If it is your 1st move or your 100th move, check to make sure you have these.

Moving Help
Packing your room or house can be a daunting task in of itself. It is even more work to make a move on your own. For big moves, hiring a moving company to load and drive a truck for you may be necessary. For smaller and more local moves, grabbing a few family members and friends to assist is a smart way of making the move less stressful. Pick up cold drinks and a pizza for your help, they will greatly appreciate it! Are you renting a unit from a Bee Safe Storage and Wine Cellar location? Our customers can rent our 12-ft moving trucks for free with a new move in. Take advantage of the moving help that is around you.

Before the moving help arrives, it is essential to have packed what you are moving. Although many people use plastic storage totes today to move, boxes are the best choice if you plan on unpacking most of what you have once you get to your new residence. Boxes are easier to carry on their own and are easier to load onto a hand truck. Finished unpacking? You can easily break down and recycle boxes instead of filling your brand-new attic or storage unit with empty plastic totes. Every Bee Safe Storage location sells various sizes of boxes.

Moving Blankets and Padding
It is typical to find knicks in furniture or a cracked frame or two while moving. To avoid dents, knicks, cracked glass, or worse, use moving blankets or other padding on wooden furniture, appliances, and framed pictures, paintings, and mirrors. Personal blankets, towels, or other padding is okay. However, depending on how used they are, they could scratch certain surfaces. Moving blankets are sold at every Bee Safe Storage location.

Permanent Marker
A quite useful tool while packing up a house, an apartment, or even a dorm room is a permanent marker for labeling boxes, cords, and other items. Labeling each item and box where it goes in your new residence will make unpacking that much easier. Bee Safe Storage locations all have permanent markers on sale.

The Camera on Your Phone
The most important essential item for your move today is your phone’s camera. Why? Because your camera can document the condition of your belongings before you pack and move. It is highly recommended to take a photo of every box and every piece of furniture especially if you have hired a moving company. Moving DIY style? Make sure to document the condition of the moving truck you have rented by taking photos of its condition prior to use as well as after you are done. Taking photos of your items and the rented moving truck with help if you are missing items, items have been broken, or someone says you have caused damage to a truck.

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