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5 Yadkin Valley Wineries to Visit this Summer

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Summertime is the season of beach trips, amusement parks, and exploring new areas. For the wine lover, it is also a time to explore new vineyards. North Carolina is home to over 200 wineries and vineyards, making it one of the country’s leading largest wine producers. One of the most concentrated areas of wineries in the Tarheel State is the Yadkin Valley Wine Region. Tucked away in the Piedmont of North Carolina, the Yadkin Valley region is situated nicely between the mountains, the Triad of Winston-Salem, High Point, and Greensboro, and just north of Lake Norman. The Yadkin Valley wine region is home to close to 50 wineries and vineyards. Below are 5 of those 50 to visit this summer. Whether you are a local to North Carolina or visiting for a summer respite, these wineries will surely not disappoint. 1) Childress Vineyards – Lexington Childress Vineyards is the product of legendary NASCAR owner Richard Childress. Since 2004, the winery has grown to over 70 acres and offers 30 wine varieties. Childress has been named by Wine Enthusiast as one of the Top 25 Tasting Rooms in America and the bistro on site has been named of the Top 100 Scenic Restaurants in America by OpenTable. Childress Vineyards is a must for the NASCAR fan-turn wine aficionado and a North Carolina wine staple. It is in Lexington, just north of Charlotte and a short drive south from Winston-Salem and Greensboro. 2) Medaloni Cellars – Lewisville Medaloni Cellars is one of those small, local wineries wine lovers will enjoy! The 22-acre winery is located 10 minutes west of Winston-Salem and offers an intimate wine tasting room, a venue for weddings, and even cabins couples can book for the weekend. Weekends at Medaloni include live music and local food trucks that make for a casual yet intimate ambiance. Try any of their 13 wine varieties while relaxing in a wooden Adirondack chair while taking in the Yadkin Valley scenery. 3) Divine Llama Vineyards and Farm – East ...

July 26th, 2021

Essentials to Starting A Wine Collection

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Wine collecting has become a popular hobby in the last several years. Statistics from Live-Ex show investment type wines, bottles that are listed at $25 and above, have aged better than most equity and fixed-income indexes. Some wine collectors get into the hobby purely for investment purposes while others love wine and want to hold onto bottles they pick up at various wineries. Why should you have a wine collection? If you call yourself a vino enthusiast, love to frequent local wineries and wine bars, turning your interest into a hobby may be perfect for you. If you want to begin your vino collection, here are a few steps to begin with. Begin Your Collection with What You Like. Wine collecting sounds like it could get confusing fast. However, there is no need to jump into the wines and blends that you have no idea what they are or even how to pronounce the names. If you’re a Cabernet Sauvignon fan, start off your collection with various Cabs from different wineries and different vintages. If you enjoy a fruitier wine, get a collection started with Zinfandels, Pinot Grigio, and other fruity wines. You want your wine collection to reflect you, so you do you! Set a Budget – You Don’t Have to Break the Bank! Set a monthly or annual budget as you begin to collect your wines. You may want to start off with bottles coming only from your favorite wineries, or a local region even. Investment or collection- type wines are considered bottles that are $25 and up, which are easily found in local wine shops. There is no need to dive deep and purchase a $1,000 bottle on your first buy. Set a budget and ease into it. Keep Track of Your Collection. It is good practice to document your wines; where you purchased a bottle, when, from whom, and what was the price. It is also good practice to have your collection appraised annually by a certified wine appraiser, someone who can ...

July 29th, 2020