The 5 Essential Must-Haves for Your Move This Summer

Summer is upon us and millions of Americans will be packing up houses and apartments and making a move. Whether you are downsizing, purchasing your first house, moving out on your own for the first time, or you finally found your dream home, there are a few things to make sure you have to make your move the easiest and less stressful as possible. We have listed the 5 must-have essentials for your move. If it is your 1st move or your 100th move, check to make sure you have these.

Moving Help

Every Bee Safe Storage location has a moving truck for rent.

Packing your room or house can be a daunting task in of itself. It is even more work to make a move on your own. For big moves, hiring a moving company to load and drive a truck for you may be necessary. For smaller and more local moves, grabbing a few family members and friends to assist is a smart way of making the move less stressful. Pick up cold drinks and a pizza for your help, they will greatly appreciate it! Are you renting a unit from a Bee Safe Storage and Wine Cellar location? Our customers can rent our 12-ft moving trucks for free with a new move in. Take advantage of the moving help that is around you.


All Bee Safe Storage locations offer a variety of boxes.

Before the moving help arrives, it is essential to have packed what you are moving. Although many people use plastic storage totes today to move, boxes are the best choice if you plan on unpacking most of what you have once you get to your new residence. Boxes are easier to carry on their own and are easier to load onto a hand truck. Finished unpacking? You can easily break down and recycle boxes instead of filling your brand-new attic or storage unit with empty plastic totes. Every Bee Safe Storage location sells various sizes of boxes.

Moving Blankets and Padding

Bee Safe Storage locations have moving blankets and other moving and packing supplies.

It is typical to find knicks in furniture or a cracked frame or two while moving. To avoid dents, knicks, cracked glass, or worse, use moving blankets or other padding on wooden furniture, appliances, and framed pictures, paintings, and mirrors. Personal blankets, towels, or other padding is okay. However, depending on how used they are, they could scratch certain surfaces. Moving blankets are sold at every Bee Safe Storage location.

Permanent Marker

Using a permanent marker to label moving boxes is essential to unpacking efficiently.

A quite useful tool while packing up a house, an apartment, or even a dorm room is a permanent marker for labeling boxes, cords, and other items. Labeling each item and box where it goes in your new residence will make unpacking that much easier. Bee Safe Storage locations all have permanent markers on sale.

The Camera on Your Phone

Take pictures of every box and item you move before it goes on the truck just in case your boxes end up looking like this when they come off the truck.

The most important essential item for your move today is your phone’s camera. Why? Because your camera can document the condition of your belongings before you pack and move. It is highly recommended to take a photo of every box and every piece of furniture especially if you have hired a moving company. Moving DIY style? Make sure to document the condition of the moving truck you have rented by taking photos of its condition prior to use as well as after you are done. Taking photos of your items and the rented moving truck with help if you are missing items, items have been broken, or someone says you have caused damage to a truck.


Moving to Greensboro? 10 Things to Know

Drone Aerial of Downtown Greensboro North Carolina NC Skyline

Nestled in the Piedmont of North Carolina, Greensboro is a bustling and growing city. Here are some interesting facts to know if you are planning on relocating to the “Gate City.”

Woolworth’s in Downtown Greensboro

1- Greensboro is Steeped in Civil Rights History.

On February 1st, 1960, four African American students sat down at the lunch counter at Woolworth’s department store in downtown Greensboro and did not leave until the store closed that evening. The students kept coming back and the sit-in grew. Eventually the sit-in inspired at much larger sit-in campaign nationwide as the Civil Rights Movement began to grow. Today, Woolworth’s is the site of the International Civil Rights Museum.

Greensboro is host to numerous championships

2 – Greensboro is Big on Sports.

Greensboro is home to the NBA G-League team the Swarm, minor league baseball team the Grasshoppers, and the headquarters of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). The Greensboro Coliseum consistently hosts ACC championship events and NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament games. The Greensboro Aquatic Center has hosted national championships and Olympic qualifiers.

Guilford Courthouse is a National Military Park Open to the Public.

3 – Revolutionary War History is in Greensboro.

The Battle of Guilford Courthouse took place on March 15th, 1781 when Nathaniel Greene and the Americans triumphed over Cornwallis and the British. The defeat led the British to Yorktown where Cornwallis eventually surrendered to George Washington. Today, Guilford Courthouse is a National Military Park with miles of walking trails.

Greensboro is right in the middle of North Carolina.

4 – Mountains or the Beach? Greensboro does both!

Greensboro is situated in the Piedmont of North Carolina and is in the half-way point of the state where there are mountains and beaches equally distant from the city. So it is perfectly acceptable to invest in a snowboard and a surfboard.

Sculptures of jeans can be found throughout downtown Greensboro.

5 – Greensboro aka “Jeansboro.”

Greensboro is the home of Wrangler and Lee Jeans, which gives the city the nickname “Jeansboro.” Throughout downtown, visitors can see several jean sculptures and artwork. A denim suit is perfectly acceptable here, if it says Wrangler.

Mellow Mushroom in downtown Greensboro is a resident favorite.

6 – Greensboro’s Cuisine is Award-Winning.

Greensboro offers countless delicious restaurants and cuisine from all over the world. The city’s own Hops Burger Bar was even awarded America’s Best Burger in 2015.

The Greensboro Science Center is popular among families.

7 – There is Fun for Adults, Children, and the Whole Family.

Families can enjoy time together on any number of the greenways (paved pathways) that connect much of the city. Children will be amazed at what the Greensboro Science Center has to offer. Mom and dad can enjoy an evening out with a Broadway show at the newly opened Tanger Center, a local show at the Triad Stage, or have a drink at one of Greenboro’s eight breweries.

Boxcar Bar + Arcade is Millenial favorite in Greensboro.

8 – Millennials are Moving to Greensboro.

In a 2019 Smart Asset study, Greensboro ranked #18 on cities where Millennials are moving to. And it is not surprising as the job market in Greensboro is one of the strongest in the state of North Carolina.

UNC – Greensboro is just one of several colleges and universities in Greensboro.

9 – Greensboro is a College Town.

Greensboro is home to five (5) 4-year colleges and universities and one (1) 2-year college: North Carolina A&T; UNC-Greensboro; Greensboro College; Guilford College; Bennett College; and Guilford Technical Community College. Greensboro is also close to many other colleges in Winston-Salem, High Point, and the Tobacco Road universities in Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh.

Despite being the 3rd biggest city in North Carolina, Greensboro has a small town feel.

10 – Greensboro May Be Big, But it Has a Small Town Feel.

With a population of over 270,000, Greensboro does have a small town flavor. Many neighborhoods in the city have their own parks and “main streets.” Neighborhood areas like Irving Park, Lindley Park, Historic Fisher Park, Lake Jeanette, Adams Farm, and Sedgefield all have their own flavors. Greensboro loves its festivals and parades and much like small towns, everyone comes out and enjoys the festivities. Greensboro is the perfect combination of a big city and small town feel.


Tips to Bee Safe While Moving During a Pandemic

Packing and moving has always been a stressful process. Trying to move during the COVID-19 pandemic when much of the country is still on lock down? That is problematic to say the least. If you have to pack up and move during the pandemic, we have a few tips that may help you and your things stay safe and clean.

Make sure moving is allowed in your area, building, and town.

Moving and storage has been deemed an essential business during the pandemic but always check the local guidelines and any HOA or apartment guidelines. If you are moving to a different state, check into the state’s guidelines regarding any self-quarantine and what phase of reopening the state may currently be in.

Carefully choose your movers.

If you are hiring a moving company, ask them what their process is to keep your items clean during the move. If you are moving on your own, do not involve more people than necessary and remember to avoid gatherings of 10 or more people during the move.

All Bee Safe locations sell boxes and various moving and packing supplies.

Use new boxes.

Typically when someone moves, he or she can find used boxes at liquor stores, grocery stores, and even Craigslist. Others will use plastic bins bought at Walmart, Target, or Home Depot. In the age of the COVID pandemic however, it is better to purchase brand new boxes you can pack yourself and then discard after unpacking. You can purchase new boxes, tape, and other moving supplies at any of the 19 Bee Safe locations.

Wipe Down Your moving boxes and furniture post-move in.

After you have moved in, take the necessary steps to wipe down your boxes and furniture, especially if you have had outside help with your move.

Have patience.

It may take longer than normal for your realtor, landlord, or property manager to be on-site to deliver the keys to you. The internet technician may be backed up with customers or may not be working as many hours he typically would be. This pandemic calls for patience, especially when moving.

Use self-storage.

Do not attempt to overload your new house or apartment with your things. We all need more space and less clutter during this pandemic, even in our own residences. You can find the right size self-storage at any Bee Safe Storage and Wine Cellar location.